Open Legislation will take place in an online version

on June 19 – 20, 2020

ELSA Italy is proud to present “ELSA Italy for European Constitution”,
the first International Open Legislation of the ELSA Network.

The Open Legislation is a simulation of the decision-making process of a body or institution having legislative functions, aimed at reproducing the legislative process within said body. The result of the Open Legislation is a draft law on a predetermined topic.

“ELSA Italy for European Constitution” is the first edition of ELSA Italy’s Open International Legislation: it embodies a simulation of the work of the European Parliament, in order to structure a proposal for a new European Constitution.


The project aims at exalting the role of young people within the democratic process of the European Union. Through a renewed cohesion at a transnational level that can create links between law students and young lawyers, such project is addressed to increase social responsibility of the present and future generation of lawyers, in order to create the Union we dream, based on shared values and common democratic principles.

To achieve the afore-mentioned, the draft will be brought to the attention of the competent institutions of the European Union, in order to foster a new dialogue on the fundamental principles of the Union. Through a new cooperation between young lawyers from all Europe, the practical implementation of key values of democracy, equality, rule of law and human dignity can finally start.

The Project

Thanks to the Open Legislation, students and young lawyers have the opportunity to develop their legal analysis skills and drafting techniques, their ability to argue on a legal issue both in writing and orally, as well as the ability to take part in multilateral negotiations.

Find out the Regulation HERE

(Regulation updated on April 6, 2020)

Who can partecipate?

The competition is open to all ELSA members who have a high level of English (at least B2) and have succeeded in the following relevant courses: European Union Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, however named.

How is the project structured?

A period of study and training

via webinar, will take place from the end of March to April 2020. Lessons will focus on:

  • the European Constitution: story of failed attempts and related political balance;
  • the democratic principle withint fundamental principles of the EU;
  • the functioning of the European Parliament;
  • legislative drafting techniques.

Participants will be divided into drafting commissions

each commission will be supported by a Secretary, who will work on an assigned title of the final text. The tasks of the members of the commissions is to write down, article by article, the draft Constitution for the European Union. The committees will be formed proportionally, ensuring a balance between the geographical origin, age, gender and legal background of the selected participants. The commissions will work individually during April and May 2020, in order to work on the assigned tasks and to structure a scheme of articles which will be discussed in plenary sessions in the final part of the event taking place in Naples. Finally, within such plenary, the young parliamentarians will discuss, vote and approve the draft European Constitution.


At the end of the competition, the scientific committee will select the best drafting committee, jointly, and the best participant, individually. Those latter will be rewarded as follows:

The Best Committee

will be rewarded with an institutional visit to Brussels, where the drafted text of European Constitution will be presented in official ceremony at the headquarters of the European Parliament

The Best Parliamentarian

will be rewarded with a monetary prize of €500



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JUNE 1st


JUNE 19 – 20


on Videoconference

How to apply?


Fill the form and attach your curriculum vitae and a motivational letter


Proceed to the payment of 50% of the FEE

i.e. €20 via Paypal or to the following bank details


ELSA Italia
% Credito Valtellinese S.c.
IBAN: IT 36 W 05216 01800 00000 00034 76


Send the payment receipt